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Juniper now offers its clients, in addition to the Cruise Module of the Juniper Booking Engine, IST's technological solutions. Among them, are Cruise Browser, Cruise Browser 4 Business, Naveo, Fibos (API, Contents and Maps), Fiquos and Fiquos extended.

Juniper Booking Engine

Modulo de cruceros

Discover state of the art technology on cruises distribution

You can now maximize your product offer in Internet and include your Contracted Cruises in your Website, or replicate those cruises offered by other Wholesalers:

  • Sell your cruises

  • Provide those directly contracted cruises or replicate data from the cruises offered by your Wholesale Partners.

  • Selling your cruises on-line, using a secure payment gateway.

  • Provide additional Supplemental services and products to add value to the package and increasing profits on each sale.

  • Create itineraries, offers, cabins, etc.

  • Present a detailed package price to your client.

  • Manage rates for cabins, adults and children.

  • Manage all bookings made from a single access point.

Navigate between more than 30 cruise companies and enjoy more than 40,000 travel agencies